9 Years of Development Experience

Talus Analytics

Web Developer and Resercher


I am the lead developer for Talus Analytics, responsible for designing and implementing both the technical side of full stack projects and the internal tooling used across many projects to make them faster, less expensive to maintain, and more accessible to both developers and non-technical members of the team.

In addition to leading development of new projects, I am responsible for maintaining a variety of projects and systems involving 32 repositories and many resources including over 20 Elastic beanstalk applications with over 40 EC2 instances running several platforms, connecting to over 50 databases running on 5 database servers, in addition to fully serverless applications as well.

Publicly available projects for which I have held significant or leadership roles include COVID Local, COVID AMP, HIV Policy Lab, Epidemic EM, COVAT Now, and others.

I have also taken the lead on designing the structure and best practices for a launching new projects, standardizing the primary branch names and purposes, and building both resource and code automations. Project launch time has reduced from a day and a half down to just half an hour, while increasing test and development environments making deployment more robust and client communication easier.

In addition to project automation, I have also developed internal libraries such as AirtableCMS, which allows non-technical users to edit all site content in Airtable and streamlines the deployment process while testing all content definitions. I have also developed the DimPlot library, which is a modern react-first plotting library which is designed with fast visualization iteration in mind.

To enable adoption and ease of use of these internal libraries, I have integrated Bit into our development and deployment process, which provides easy access to all documentation of internal libraries and components and easy installation and upgrade as internal libraries are used across projects over time. This means older projects can benefit almost immediately from improvements made in completely separate codebases.

Programming Languages

  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Postgresql
  • Cypher (neo4j)

Frameworks & Libraries

  • React
  • Gatsby
  • Node.js
  • Styled-Components
  • Numpy / Pandas / Geopandas
  • Matplotlib

COVID AMP policy page graphic


Graphic & Web Developer

  • New website: www.visionlink.org
  • New Branding Package: HTML email signatures (including builder tool), conference banners, standardized fonts & formatting, new logo
  • Wisconsin State 211 & State Addiction Recovery site designs and on-site photography
  • Project Reunify
    • Bringing static website, COS2, and Wordpress all into one visual experience so users do not notice transitions
    • Custom CSS for Wordpress.com wordpress
    • Reunify.org design & implementation
  • PA211 Homepage implementation
  • UI Components
    • Underline button: combines the UX hints of a button and a link to make links carry more visual weight and blur the static page / webapp boundary
    • Flipping panels animation to show a paragraph of text with a cover image and an image beneath revealed on hover; experience of a scrolling animation but implemented entirely in CSS, without any JS, to meet COS2 security requirements
    • New look and feel for several bootstrap components, including collapse panels
    • Dynamic font size accessibility slider on Wisconsin 211 (which also triggers shifts in bootstrap grid to adjust the layout to fit larger font sizes)
  • Data munging and cleaning in Python
  • Visionlink Geospatial Awareness Fire Map
  • Visionlink Geospatial Awareness Flood Map

DaVinci Industries

Contractor & Equity Partner

Ubuntu Server

Web Technologies Work

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  • Responsible for DaVinci Industries' technical platform and engineering integration
  • Built retail store simulator in Python to generate realistic data for proof of concept analysis and testing web application
  • Designed and developed proof of concept software interface using D3.js
  • API Integration with iMonnit (sub-ghz transmitter & gateway vendor)
  • Built and administrated web server on Digital Ocean: nginx proxy server, gunicorn web socket server, django application server
  • Designed database structure
  • Stored compound paths from Adobe Illustrator svg documents representing store layouts and features so that the frontend can request both the visualization shape and the data for any part of the store in a single request and store it in a single object
  • Used D3.js to render store floor layout and shelves
  • Used websockets to forward data from vendor API directly to clients in real-time
  • Used Django ORM and Postgresql to store all sensor movements
  • Began Acutrack Version 2.0 in React.js

Industrial Design

  • Created production-ready Solidworks parts for American Provenance custom display units
  • Created .pdf drawings with all dimensions used to quote manufacturing prices for display units
  • Created near-photorealistic renderings in Solidworks Visualize for client presentation

Administration & Management

  • Investment Pitches & Partnership Meetings:
    • Realco Fund
    • Geekdom Fund
    • Shenzhen Valley Ventures
    • One Million Cups Wisconsin
    • OnRamp Indiana Manufacturing Conference
    • Monnit
    • Adrich.io
    • Arin Technologies
    • American Provenance
    • And many more...
  • Worked with Chinese suppliers on various manufacturing quotes for both display and electronics manufacturing
  • Designed new pitch slide deck

St Olaf College

Economics Major

Significant Papers:

Argentine Agriculture: Significance of Infrastructure

Download Full Paper

  • Long-term project demonstrating connection between Argentine transportation network and farmers' crop planting decisions
  • Created georeferenced dataset of Argentine soy crushing facilities by hand using printed data from the Bolsa De Comercio De Rosario and satellite imagery
  • Created driving dataset of duration and driving distance between every soy-producing district in Argentina and every soy-crushing facility in the country using Google Maps Distance Matrix api
  • Developed econometric model for interaction between road system and planting decisions

Basic Income Viability: Effectiveness of Targeting & Restricting Welfare Transfers

Download Full Paper

  • Economic paper summarizing most basic income studies worldwide and proposing a behavioral economic model for assessing te effectiveness of future programs
  • Principal - Agent model
  • Extensive literature review

Fire Risk and Powerlines Map


Ubuntu Server
  • Entrepreneurship competition: finalist
  • Incremental versioning control and project management for architects (similar to git & trello, but industry-specific)
  • Built demo of MVP software to gather market research and user feedback both actively through a built-in survey and automatically through HotJar analytics—allowing us to play back any user session, and correlate that with our survey data.
  • Co-developed a full business plan, 5-year financial plan, and investment pitch
  • Recieved valuable feedback and mentorship from successful sillicon valley entrepreneurs
Fire Risk and Powerlines Map

Freelance Photographer


I specialize in working directly with clients to produce studio–quality images that convey complex messages regardless of location challenges all over the world.

  • Photographed the launch of a new system to track at-risk orphans in Haiti
  • Documented the effects of responsible medical donations in Guatemala
  • Helped tell the story of the Texas msro that tested and packaged those donations
  • Chased tornadic supercells with an international team of environmental advocates
  • Put faces to the voices behind Mile High United Way’s 211 Call Center to highlight Healthlink211 software
  • Assisted a former National Geographic photographer on a aerial photoshoot in a Robinson R44 Helicopter covering several locations in Denver and Golden, Colorado
Progenitor Journal Progenitor Journal

Progenitor Literary Journal

Co-Editor & Director of Graphic Design

  • As a High-School student, served as Co-Editor and Director of Graphic Design for the Arapahoe Community College Progenitor Literary Journal
  • 50th anniversary edition
  • Directly responsible for managing an $8,500 budget
  • Collected estimates for and managed a large lithographic printing contract
  • Managed the graphic design team
  • Jointly ran each meeting of our seven content editors

National Awards:

American Scholastic Press Association:

   First Place With Special Merit

Southwest Division of CCHA 2015 Literary Magazine Competition:

   2nd Place

University & College Designers Association:

   Award of Excellence in Design

Progenitor Journal Progenitor Journal

Fencing Academy of Denver


Website Administration
  • Coached after school and recreational programs in Littleton, Parker, Northglen, and other locations in Colorado
  • Competed in many North American Cups and two Junior Olympics
  • Assisted with website administration and marketing collateral
Progenitor Journal